Realistic 3D Areola and Nipple Tattoo

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1-2 Hour Service

No Pain

Areola and nipple tattoo definitely help to achieve it! It is a kind of cosmetic/medical tattoos of micropigmentation nipple area to restore the natural beauty look of the breast.

“Cancer may take a certain body part away from us but at least we are healthy, we can be ourselves and whatever we need to do to feel good I think that this is a really great thing to do.”

Valeria creates shadows, highlights, gradations of natural shades, and the maximum amount of details: Montgomery glands, blood vessels, freckles. Mixing up to 5 tones helps to create natural colour and realistic results. As a rule, there is no need for any numbing cream as nerves cut and clients feel absolutely nothing. Valeria uses a painless gentle pigment application technique with microneedles. Sometimes up to three needles are taken on very scarred skin.

A special pigment application technique creates the illusion of maximum realism of the three-dimensional areola and nipple tattoo.

On average, after 3-6 months after breast reconstruction surgery, you can get a 3D breast tattoo. In some cases, only after a year. Healing is different for each person. It is better to consult your surgeon about your specific case. Nipple tattoo after mastectomy also includes scars camouflage.

realistic 3d-areola
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