Realistic 3D Areola and Nipple Tattoo

$480 each + Taxes

1-2 Hour Service

No Pain

Areola and nipple tattoo is a painless procedure that reaches for the self-esteem recovery of women who have faced breast cancer, and as a consequence, the loss of one, or even two nipples. Using different needles and pigments, shadows and textures are created to give a realistic effect.

Areola and nipple tattoo definitely help to achieve it! It is a kind of cosmetic/medical tattoos of micropigmentation nipple area to restore the natural beauty look of the breast.

“Cancer may take a certain body part away from us but at least we are healthy, we can be ourselves and whatever we need to do to feel good I think that this is a really great thing to do.”

Laine creates shadows, highlights, gradations of natural shades, and the maximum amount of details: Montgomery glands, blood vessels, freckles. Mixing up to 5 tones helps to create natural colour and realistic results. As a rule, there is no need for any numbing cream as nerves cut and clients feel absolutely nothing. Laine uses a painless gentle pigment application technique with microneedles. Sometimes up to three needles are taken on very scarred skin.

A special pigment application technique creates the illusion of maximum realism of the three-dimensional areola and nipple tattoo.

On average, after 3-6 months after breast reconstruction surgery, you can get a 3D breast tattoo. In some cases, only after a year. Healing is different for each person. It is better to consult your surgeon about your specific case. Nipple tattoo after mastectomy also includes scars camouflage.

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Scar Camouflage

Starts at $280 + Taxes

1-2 Hour Service

No Pain

Hide scars or other imperfections from injuries or surgeries.

Scars are a common consequence of breast augmentation or reduction surgery. Sometimes they are flat and inconspicuous. Most often, the healed scar is above the skin level and in some cases spreads in width.

If postoperative scars violate the shape of the breast and create asymmetry, areola scar camouflage is recommended for a full aesthetic effect. This is the implantation of a coloring pigment in the color of your areola or slightly darker – to align the areolas in shape and color.

The procedure can be performed after complete recovery of the skin after plastic surgery, subside of redness, with the permission of the surgeon who performed the surgery, usually not earlier than 3 months after the plastic surgery.

Areola scar camouflage performed under numbing cream if necessary, but as a rule, nerves cut and clients don’t experience any sensitivity.

The duration of the procedure for nipple tattoo micropigmentation depends on the treated area. May lasts 0,5 – 2 hours. Estimate time procedure can be provided after consultation or by pictures.

To achieve the best aesthetic and natural result, Laine uses special equipment for aesthetic micropigmentation, only original pigments that are selected individually for each client. 2-3 sessions necessary to get good-looking results.

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Decorative Areola | Heart Shaped

$580 each + Taxes

1-2 Hour Service

No Pain

The decorative areola and nipple tattoo is a painless procedure for reconstructing the nipples in a artistic way by shaping hearts or flowers. Using different needles and pigments, shadows and textures are created to give a realistic effect.

Areola tattooing implies to correct the shape or provide a more saturated color.

Tattooing the skin around the nipples helps to enhance the natural attractiveness of a woman’s breasts. The essence of the procedure is to insert the ink under the upper layers of the skin.

The colour is selected taking into account the following factors:

  • features of the areola state;
  • features of the skin;
  • client’s wishes;
  • specialist recommendations.

Indications for areola and nipple tattoo:

  • innate pathology – a complete or partial absence of the areolar complex;
  • natural asymmetry; the need to restore the areola complex after amputation or other surgical interventions;
  • vitiligo;
  • scars camouflage;
  • mismatch of the pigment of the nipple areola (cyanosis, colour irregularities) or unevenness of its borders;
  • mismatch of the size of the areola with personal priorities;
  • desire to get a heart-shaped nipple tattoo.

The use of pigments of various shades for the permanent make-up of the nipple areola allows:

  • significantly change the colour of the areola;
  • make the natural colour deeper and richer;
  • realistic 3Dareola and nipple tattoo after breast cancer;
  • to lighten the natural pigment.
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